About Us

"There wouldn't be a sky full of stars if we were all meant to wish on the same one" - Frances Clark

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Our History

Postdusk is a digital marketing firm that specializes in online advertisements using multi-mediums. The value was apparent then for them to join forces and combine their skills to better serve potential clients.

With 54% of consumers wanting to see more video content by businesses and with video marketers getting 66% more qualified leads per year, it made sense for Kenna to combine her skillset to increase ROI for clients.

Postdusk invites you to come see how we can help you build strategic roadmaps that deliver results.

Reach out, let's grab coffee together and talk about your project.

We love all things marketing. That's why we invite you to grab coffee on us so we can hear you talk about one of your favorite things: your business. Let's nerd out!

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How will my Brand Benefit?

Increase Social Following

By posting more often on social media, it is easier to gain more followers. Being social on social media shouldnt be such a foreign concept. With the help of great content, and good promotion, it's easy to gain a fast following!


With people preferring videos instead of images, having a video highlighting your company can make potential customers see the value of choosing you. A video is a great way to show professionalism!

Be a Leader

Although video marketing has been around for a little bit now, there arent that many companies utilizing video properly. Be the frontrunner of your industry. Whether a video or a virtual tour, Postdusk helps your brand stay unique.

Increase Brand Awareness

tools icon        By sharing content that people actually want to see, potential customers show more engagement with your brand. Having short, fun videos can increase traffic to your site, making your brand a bookmark in their minds.