"Its not about being better, its about being different. You need to give people a reason to choose your business. "

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The Power of Branding

What Is Branding?

You know when you meet someone for the first time and they leave a distinct impression on you? Or when a room painted blue makes you feel calm? You just felt the power of Branding. From the color of the font to the words supporting the images, your logo to the moon, we will brand you so one dare forget you.

Do you know what more than 50% of businesses do to guarantee their future failure? They do not take Branding seriously. Anyone can start a business, but it takes a special person, with a UNIQUE BRAND to keep it afloat especially when "shit hits the fan", like it did this year. If you still dream about growing your business into an enterprise, you are going to need our help. So, we will be here, waiting, for your call. Even if it's only answering a question, we truly want to be the best "help" we can be for you.

Our team makes sure you stand out in a way that represents what you do and that connects with your customers. We like to research what is expected of a company in your line of business, and then we design something UN-expected. After all, your brand should set you apart, not make you the same. We design brands that connect with your audience, shift industry standards, and create lasting relationships.

Live Your Dream with Postdusk Marketing Agency at your side!!!

                    “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Branding The Best

Brand Strategy & Brand Identity

Whether  you are an entrepreneur following your dreams, or the CEO of a billion dollar firm in desperate need of a re-invention, a good Branding Strategy will give you the structure and guidance every business needs to succeed. Your Brand Strategy will map out how you are different from the rest. It will convey your purpose, promises, and how you solve problems for people. 

"Think of Brand Strategy as the blueprint for how you want the world to see your business"

If a Brand Strategy is a plan that focuses on the long-term development of your purpose and impact, then Brand Identity is the way that you convey this to the public. Brand Identity should be applied across all channels consistently. It is the way that your business becomes recognizable. This includes your logo, colors and fonts, website design, content, advertising, print or packaging, and more. This should present your brand's singular promise to the world.


Start Your Brand Journey Today

Postdusk Branding Process

Our first step is to confer on a brand strategy- your color pallet, fonts, tone, personality, and purpose. With this info, we can create a logo that will be recognized exclusively as your distinct and personal trademark… Near and far… Now, and for years to come.

Once we have a logo designed, we can incorporate that into your Web Design, get some brochures and flyers printed, put it on a T-shirt, add it to your Social Profiles, set up a header and signature for your emails, and then PROMOTE your new and distinguished Brand. Aren't you excited? We are about to embark on a journey where the only limit is IMAGINATION. Let's Go!!!





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