Carlyle Investment Group Case Study

website case study


Carlyle Investment Group did not have an online presence. Not a website, social media, or listings to be found. The owner, Kyle, said they had been in business 20 years and made it just fine without an online presence (although now he understands the importance and we have been working together over a year).

If they were to grow their business they need an online presence that would help build authority, garner trust, and ultimately get more clients and partners.

Strategy and Tactics

When coming up with a strategy we knew to invest time into social profiles that our potential clients would look for us. We started creating content for Google My Business, Facebook, and Linkedin, while still creating other social profiles for SEO reasons. 

We also knew the importance of having a website with all services, certifications, testimonials and contact information. We worked to create a great example of CIG’s message, and ultimately gave a great place for potential clients and partners to come learn more about Carlyle Investment Group. This was important for the whole strategy since we were driving people from social media, emails, and other articles to the website.


Postdusk has found having a full integrated marketing strategy has worked best for clients like Carlyle Investment Group (CIG). For CIG, we created a website and optimized it for local SEO, built an automated review system, created his social media presence, helped him get over 500+ connections on Linkedin in related industries, and started a cold email campaign to help him find partnerships for more business referrals, helped him create his new logo, created graphics and have helped him with other projects when asked.


We helped them go from 0 to 15 reviews which puts them around the 90th percentile for highest reviews in Fort Collins Colorado. 

We helped Kyle gain over 500+ new connections of potential partners and clients and 417 followers on the CIG linkedin page.

Our average monthly traffic has 48x since the first month.

We are sitting on about 48 organic keywords at the moment

We are on the front page for asbestos abatement fort collins and asbestos removal fort collins

Where did the website traffic come from? 44% came from organic search, 37% came from direct search for our brands name, and 18% came from social media strategy. This shows that our social media and organic SEO strategy has been working. 


Postdusk Marketing is a digital marketing agency in Denver, specializing in web design, SEO, paid search advertising, social media, reputation management, and video marketing.

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