Social Media Marketing

"Its not the best content that wins, it's the best promoted content."

The challenge

Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media Channels

Our Outlook:

Social Media Marketing promotes your Brand and your Content on Social Media Channels to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads for your business. Times have changed and our interaction with others is changing from a physical to a more digital world.

We, at Postdusk, come from a social media era. Social Media Marketing is in our blood. It is part of our background and has taught us the importance of staying in touch, of keeping with the times, of thinking outside the box. We are confident in our ability to stay one step ahead of the current digital trends.

Depending on the audience you want to target, we recommend a social marketing campaign on at least two social channels. Instagram and Snapchat are most popular with ages 18 - 25. An audience older than 40 is most likely to use Facebook; YouTube is still the most widely used channel for all age groups with 73% of U.S. adults admitting they are on YouTube more than they think they should be.

Which leads us to why videography is crucial.

The solution

Our Social Media Approach

What we do for social media marketing (SMM): 
  • Build a SM marketing strategy
  • Plan, create, and post SM content
  • Listen, engage, and respond to users
  • Develop, launch, and manage SM ad campaigns
  • Review SM analytics and compile actionable steps

Social media marketing relates to search engine optimization, also called SEO, by influencing search results. People share content, it goes viral, and links to the infographic and the site hosting that infographic. This link is a trust signal to google and influences how Google ranks your website.

Postdusk welcomes change and understands that one must work even harder now-a-days to ensure a thriving economy. We believe people are resilient and ambitious. Some might think we are extreme when we say "We want to change the world"; but we believe we should all aim for the stars. Together, we can ascend to a promising future.


Our Social Media Marketing Process Explained

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Meet Your Social Media Manager

Once Onboarded, you will meet your Social Media Manager who will be taking care of your account. 

Develop A SMM Strategy - Audit

Your account manager will do an audit of your current position as well as your competitors position. Then we build out your buyers persona and develop an effective content strategy. 

Create Content Calender

After we create your SMM strategy, we will plan, create, and schedule your posts after approval. We make sure to plan and create your posts a month ahead of time for quality assurance. 

Growth Optimization

We provide daily management and opportunities for growth. All comments, messages, and reviews are monitored and responded to in a timely manner. We also use organic tactics such as #'s, contests, following, etc. to encourage growth.


We review social media analytics and compile actionable steps to continue social media growth.

Start Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social Profiles We Offer

We offer social media management for any of the social media platforms below, as well as others by request. If you are ready to boost your social signals, schedule a FREE consultation or click on the buttons to learn more about our social services.

social media marketing services


Postdusk Marketing is a digital marketing agency in Denver, specializing in web design, SEO, paid search advertising, social media, reputation management, and video marketing.

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